CSI-SP-002 – POTS to Pipes 2


The Fundamentals of Voice over IP, IPTV, and Multicasting
for Service Providers

Course Description:

This one-day course is jammed with information and learning as always. Also seen under the “POTS to Pipes 2” Seminar series, this course focuses on the details of Voice over IP implementation, Multicast Routing, Video over IP implementation and provides key strategic issue review. All these subjects are presented in reference to the TDM and Voice switching world. This is the fastest and most dense way to come up the learning curve on VoIP and Multicast Video over IP.

Course Length:

1-Day, Instructor Led or Web Based Delivery.
Minimum: 10 Students, Maximum 40 Students

Course Outline:

  • Sect. 1: Course Overview & Introductions
  • Sect. 2: Voice Over IP
    • Definition
    • Implementation Options
    • Features
    • Encoding
    • Standards
  • Sect. 3: Using SIP for VoIP Services
    • Definition & Addressing
    • SIP Presence
    • Components of a SIP network
    • SIP Operational Model & Log
    • .Session Description Protocol (SDP) & Log
  • Sect. 4: Using H.323 for VoIP Services
    • Overview and Components
    • H.323 compared to SIP
  • Sect. 5: {Media} Gateways
    • Purpose and Function
    • Protocol Types
    • MGCP Protocol & Standards
    • Softswitch Functionality
  • Sect. 6: RTP and RTCP
    • Purpose and Function
    • RTP Protocol operation and Payload Types
    • RTCP Protocol Operation
  • Sect. 7: Multicasting for Video and Audio
    • Multicast Overview
    • Addressing – Layer 2 MAC Multicast
    • References
    • Multicast Tree Models
    • Reverse Path Forwarding, Time to Live
    • Administrative Boundaries
  • Section 8: Multicast Routing: IGMP and PIM
    • IGMP Protocol Details / Operational Model
    • PIMv2 Dense Mode Protocol Details / Operational Model
    • PIMv2 Sparse Mode Protocol Details / Operational Model
  • Section 9: Internet Television – IPTV
    • Definition and Protocol Stack
    • Source Video – Head End
    • Encoding and Compressing Source
    • Core and Distribution
    • Access Network
    • End User Components

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