CSI-SP-003 – POTS to Pipes Front Office


From POTS to Pipes for the Front Office Staff
for Service Providers

Course Description:

This one-day course focuses on the knowledge and understanding needed by the Customer Service and Marketing staff of the Independent Telephone company as the network services migrate from Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) to broadband and IP-based services (pipes). The course is jammed with information, experiences and learning. This course helps the “front office” personnel to understand the more competitive environment, helps to answer the question “why do I need services from the phone company”, and supports the notion that by selling high bandwidth services, we are selling what the phone company provides.

All the subjects are presented in clear reference to the TDM and Voice switching world, contrasting and explaining the IP services approach, and the convergence of voice, video, and data to what most service providers have mastered already. This is the fastest and most dense way to come up the learning curve on the impact IP is having on Marketing and Customer Service. It is also filled with discussion of the challenges of these services and will be informative to technical and non-technical people alike.

Course Length:

1-Day, Instructor Led or Web Based Delivery.
Minimum: 10 Students, Maximum: 40 Students

Course Outline:

  • —Part 1: The Groundwork
    • —Overview and Introductions
    • —Introduction to IP & the Internet
    • —Protocol Stack
    • —IP Addressing
  • —Part 2: Defining Broadband
    • —Dial-up vs. Broadband
    • —Broadband Speeds
    • —Broadband Adoption and Impact
  • —Part 3: Defining Our New Role
    • —Who are we? What are we becoming?
    • —Who are our Competitors
    • Evolution of Voice Services
    • —Evolution of Video Services
  • Part 4: Defining our Customer
    • —Customer Types
    • —Defining Customer Needs
    • —Business and Home Customers
    • —Quality of Service
    • —Barriers to Broadband Adoption
  • —Part 5: Selling Broadband
    • —Addressing Customer Concerns
    • —Balance in Delivery
    • —Suggested Services
    • —Expanding Our Box
    • —Pulling it all Together

Course Availability:

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