On-Line School Continues to Grow

Back in September of 2009, we launched the CellStream On-Line School (www.cellstream.com/netsci). Just this month, we gave the Online School a new name and a direct link:

The Online School of Network Sciences found at http://www.netscionline.com

Since that time the school has become a busy place, and the content continues to expand. Combining broadband and the younger folks depending more and more on the Internet for information and resources, on-line training is a natural step for us. Certainly we are not the leading innovators in this area, but we have been observing what we like and don’t like about on-line training, and factoring that into our own on-line school.

These days, we teach almost every course with some use of the Online School of Network Sciences system. For instance, if you attend one of our hands on lab classes, we register you in the class through the Online School and provide access during the course to reference materials, links, and much more. This practice enriches the experience for our students by combining Instructor led classes with on-line materials. Some classes are taught via the web, and the On-Line school provides the meeting place, exercise foundation, and modality that keeps a virtual classroom closely in tune to the materials and to the instructor.

We also provide a number of free (“guest access”) classes and reference materials that further enhance our students’ knowledge and improved their access to relevant information sources. For example we have built two databases with both Internet and Telecommunications history information, rich with time lines and images. This way when historical references are made in our classes, students can actually look a little deeper via the On-Line school avoiding wasted time searching the trillion web pages that may have information they are looking for.

We continue to improve the experience, and we gratefully accept student input to continually refine and improve our content.

CellStream encourages you to have a look around, and we would love to hear what you think!

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