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Perhaps a top 10 Wireshark Display Filter List

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Wireshark uses a custom syntax to create display filters.  There are millions of possibilities, but here is perhaps a top 10 list.

Of course you can edit these with appropriate addresses and numbers. The ones used are just examples.

1. ip.addr ==
This filters for any packet with, as either the source or destination.

2. ip.addr== && ip.addr==
This creates a conversation filter between the two defined IP addresses.

3. tcp.flags.reset==1
This filter will find and display all TCP resets.

4. tcp.port==5000
This creates a filter for any TCP packet with 5000 as a source or destination port.

5. tcp contains test
This filter will find and display all TCP packets that contain the word ‘test’. Very helpful when searching on a specific string or user ID, for example.

6. !(arp or icmp or dns)
This filter will mask out arp, icmp, or dns protocols. This is a great way to remove protocols from the view that are not involved with troubleshooting thus allowing you to focus on the traffic that may be the problem.

7. tcp.analysis.retransmission
This filter will display all retransmissions in the trace. This is helpful when tracking down slow application performance and packet loss.

8. icmp or dns 

This creates a filter to display all icmp and dns packets in the trace.

9. http.request 

This filter will find and display all HTTP GET requests.

10. udp contains 03:28:58 

This filter will find the HEX values of 0x03 0x28 0x58 at any offset in the packet trace.

Should we have done a top 20? What else would you add?

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