US House Votes to Roll Back Net Neutrality

**Note: all links no longer work and have been removed (sorry)

On Friday, by a vote of 240-179 (click here to see how the individual representatives voted), the US House of Representatives passed H.J. Res. 37, which will stop the open Internet rules adopted by the FCC in December 2010.  By using the Congressional Review Act, the measure now needs only a simple majority to pass in the Senate.

It certainly is short and sweet – click here to view the actual document.

You can see and read more on the testimony and the hearing here.

Whether or not you agree with the policy of making each and every bit equal on the Internet (the FCC position), the fact that Congress has stepped in to severely curtail the FCC’s ability to regulate what the Internet is, and how it works, or will work, is a very strong and powerful message.

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