CSI-TB-005 – Software Defined Networking Technical Overview/Briefing


sdnHalf-Day Instructor Led Technology Overview/Briefing
Available in either Web Based Delivery or On-Site Delivery
Web Based Delivery: Max class size is 50
On Site Delivery: Max class size is 30

Course Description:

The half-day (4hr session if Web Delivery) Technology Overview/Briefing on Software Defined Network (SDN) Technologies, as part of the Technology Briefings/Emerging Technologies presentations, will provide the attendee insight into some basic operation and terminology of SDN.  Then a focus and examination on the current SDN products and offerings in a real world service provider will follow.

Further, the trends in managing and orchestrating Data Center server and storage virtualization services will be discussed, along with the need for controling the networking environment in support of administering these compute resources. The overall objective of this half day briefing is to provide sufficient insight to the main subject and thus provide a baseline for creating the next generation solutions for products and services. The attendee will be provided access to ongoing Q&A and discussion for the subject. We will deliver this briefing via web meeting tools in one 4-hour session. This overview/briefing is designed to meet the needs of anyone that requires insight into these emerging technologies from managers to designers.


Course Objectives:

To develop a focused technology view targeted at Software Defined Networking with a focus on controlling and managing networking in support of the compute and storage  virtualization in the following key areas:

  • SDN defined – the OpenFlow toolset, application and techniques
  • Use case analysis and potential
  • Impact of SDN on the future of Networking, Virtualization and Cloud Computing


The target audience for this course is anyone in Engineering, Test, Customer Support, Technical Marketing, or even Sales and Marketing that requires an understanding of the fundamental operations of the Software Defined Network and seeks to comprehend the challenges of SDN that can be applied to their job function.

Ideal candidates are:

  • Operations individuals that will provide SDN configuration and support services
  • Network Design Engineers that need to understand SDN concepts and practices
  • Network Management individuals that are providing element and network management tools
  • Technical sales individuals that must be able to correlate features with functionality
  • Technical marketing individuals that want more than just a basic understanding of SDN
  • Certification Track individuals that need to expand their knowledge and studies
  • Network Administrators

Course Prerequisites:

This course is designed to appeal to anyone needing the skills and knowledge of Software Defined Networks emerging technologies. The ideal student will have some experience in networking and operations, however no prior knowledge is necessary.

Course Materials:

Students will be provided with a Course Student Guide via the CellStream Online School as well as many course reference materials.

Related Content:

Other similar technical Overview/Briefings such as Virtualization,  IPv6, and others can be found at the Course Listing page.

Course Outline:

Part 1 – Overview of SDN

  1. What is SDN
  2. What is OpenFlow and how it supports SDN?
  3. Why organizations need SDN within their IT infrastructure

Part 2 – What technology is driving SDN?

  1. Storage and Compute Virtualization
  2. Network Virtualization

Part 3 – Applications of SDN

  1. Moving VMs across Layer 3 Boundaries
  2. Protection of Datacenter resources

Part 4 – Implications of SDN

  1. Costs
  2. Networking
  3. Security
  4. Performance
  5. Planning

Part 5 – Q & A

Course Availability:

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