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A Quick Start for your Favorite Windows Apps

Here is a simple tip for Windows users.  Do you have applications that you need to start all the time, but it is a pain to locate them in the Start Menu?

I have the answer.  This has been around for years, but I am always surprised by how helpful this is to so many users!

My favorite example is launching the Windows Command Line (cmd) or the terminal window, if you will.

This is usually buried in the Start> Programs> etc. etc. navigation.  Like they don’t want you to use it!!

Another example is something like Excel or Powerpoint.

Ok – so the next time you start the program you want to make super easy to access, do the following:  Start the program like you normally would.  Below I have started a Windows Command Line:

cmd 1


Ok – now right click on the command prompt icon in the ribbon.  You will get these choices:

cmd 2

Right click again on the Command Prompt line and select properties:


cmd 3

You will get this dialogue (note the Shortcut tab is selected):

cmd 4

Also note the Shortcut Key field says none.

Click in this field and select a shortcut key.  I like CTRL-SHIFT-C, so I just hit that key sequence and it is entered for me in the box:

cmd 5

Click OK, and now close your Command Prompt window and try it.  Just hit the key sequence you created, and poof, no looking for the program anymore, it is going to launch.

So a couple of things to watch out for:

  1. Be careful not to go too crazy with this as you may forget which commands activate which programs.
  2. Watch out for shortcut keys used by other applications, and the confusion of overlapping assigned shortcuts!

Have fun with this!

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