Modifying the Wireshark Window Title

Did you know that you can customize the Wireshark window title?

The first time I ran across this was when using GNS3.  Whenever I did a packet capture in my GNS3 environment the Wireshark window title would be changed to show which link I had done the capture on:

2021 02 28 10 30 31

A little digging, and I found out that you can modify the window title.  For example you can show the file path of the capture file, the current profile name, and version number.

To set a new window title, in the Wireshark GUI, select Edit> Preferences.  You will get the Wireshark Preferences pop up window:

2021 02 28 10 22 22

Note that there is an Advanced Option.  Click on Advanced:

2021 02 28 10 24 16

Now, in the search bar of this window, enter “window” (as you type that word, the search is performed – also be careful to not hit ‘Enter’ as I always do, else the window will close):

2021 02 28 10 26 31

Now, the setting you are looking for is called “gui.window_title”:

2021 02 28 10 28 19

Now you want to double click in the Value column and a box will appear where you can change the value:

2021 02 28 10 33 38

You can put anything here as just a string.  Even better you can put some variables here as well:

So here is an example:

2021 02 28 10 40 05
When done, click on OK.  Now look at your main Wireshark screen:
2021 02 28 10 42 30
But I would make it even better:
Profile: %P %S Path %F %S Wireshark Version: %V
2021 02 28 10 46 22
The result:
2021 02 28 10 48 23
Remember you can always get your profiles here:
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