CellStream, Inc. Invoicing Guidelines

CellStream, Inc. contractors and vendors should follow the guidelines below:

Sending Invoices

  • Please submit all invoices within 24 hours of completing an assignment/project/class.  Do not invoice ahead of assignments/project/classes.  In some cases we have to wait for your invoices before we send an invoice to our clients, so it is important to keep us on track with invoicing and payments.  Different triggers occur on my end for various clients and courses depending on my agreements with them.  Please do not assume anything. ๐Ÿ™‚  I buffer these from all of you as best I can, but let me explain a little more for transparency.  It is complicated with all the courses we teach and all the clients we have.   To clarify the meaning of 24 hrs = one business day (not counting weekends):  Let's say your class ends on Thursday at 1230pm.  The 24 hour window would be by Friday at 1230pm.  If your class ended on Friday at 1230pm, then the 24 hour window would be Monday at 1230pm.
  • When invoices are sent, please clearly indicate:
    • the date(s) of the assignment/project/class
    • the client served (ex: Cisco US, Cisco EMEA, HP US, HP EMEA, United Telephone, etc.)
    • a clear invoice number
    • an amount (subtotals and totals are fine)
  • All invoices must be billed to CellStream, Inc., 9812 Zembriski Drive, Plano, TX 75025.
  • All invoices should clearly list the vendor/contractor name and address.
  • We prefer invoices in PDF format sent to us via email.  One invoice per email please, and keep invoice emails separate from other topics (it is OK to email rosters and invoices together).  Make sure you properly address invoices to my email and make sure you use subjects as I have missed invoices sent to me with no subject (they end up in a large spam pile that I hate to have to sift through).  The best idea here is to place the course name and dates in the subject so we can both easily find these emails in the future.  PDF format is preferred.

Payment of Invoices 

For those of you who have worked with me for any amount of time, you know that payment of my team is a pet peeve of mine.  Most of our clients are on a 30 day payment cycle, but not all.  Some are on 60 day payment cycles.  It is my goal to pay your invoices immediately upon receipt of funds from my clients.  In some cases I may pay invoices before I receive funds, but do not count on this, I just like to try to take care of you.  

If you do not receive payment on an invoice, please advise us IMMEDIATELY!  We have had one instance where an invoice did not get paid for several months as we missed the invoice being attached to a different email.  

In order to speed up the payment process we use Chase Quick-Pay.  This is a simple system that once you are signed up, I can make electronic payments within 24 hours.  It does not require us to know your bank account information.  If you would like to learn more, what you have to do is go to www.chase.com/quickpay and sign up.  It is free.  There is even an app.  You DO NOT need to be a Chase customer to use this.  If you are not a Chase customer, you will provide your banking information from your bank, but I will not need to know this to pay you.  There are no fees to either of us.  If you are a Chase customer – it is even easier – just enable Quickpay from your account.  When we make a payment, you receive an email that allows you to accept payment and the electronic transfer is instant.  There are limits as to total amounts we can send, so on large invoices, we may send multiple payments.

Other Mentions

  • Invoicing and payment should be simple and efficient processes that in a small business require little or no overhead.  When you deviate, when you fail to be cosistent, you are adding cost to CellStream.  We do not want to have to bill you for our time to sort out poor execution, so we count on you to be consistent and follow the requirements outlined here.
  • Do not share invoices with anyone other than CellStream, particularly other vendors/contractors nor clients.
  • Your financial arrangements with CellStream are under non-disclosure agreement.
  • Who our clients are is also under non-disclosure.

We hope this helps you understand the invoicing process, and we thank you for being part of our team.



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