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Controlling Displayed Network Interfaces in Wireshark

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When using Wireshark, on some computers, the number of interfaces present due to things like virtualization and other configurations can be overwhelming.  Some times, like when we are using Wireless interfaces, we want to only show the Wireless interfaces.  Other times, we just want to simplify our lives.

Wireshark allows us to manage what interfaces are displayed by Profile.  So if I am using a Wireless profile, maybe I only want to show the wireless interfaces.

OK – I am in my default profile – and here is my interface list from the Wireshark home screen:

2019 05 26 6 42 45

On this system, let’s say I only ever capture on the Ethernet interface ond the Wi-Fi interface.

There is a simple change to Wireshark that you can make in order to simplify this list, and it is totally reversable.  Think of it as hiding some of the interfaces.  There are actually two ways to accomplish this.

Option 1

Click on the “All interfaces shown” button on the right of the home screen.  You can select Physical vs. Virtual and unclick what you do not wish to appear.  I did this and deselected the Virtual interfaces on my machine:

2019 05 26 6 50 09

You can see Wireshark has changed this to tell me that interfaces are hidden.  Nice.  OK – not bad, but for me, it is not specific enough.

Option 2

Select Capture> Options, or simply hit CTRL-K from the main Wireshark screen.  You will get this pop-up:

2019 05 26 6 55 18

Now select the Manage Interfaces button, and you get this pop up:

2019 05 26 6 56 44

Now from here you can do many things like make comments on the interfaces and such.

But for our purposes, what I am going to do is deselect the interfaces that I do not want to show up, leaving just the two interfaces I always use to capture selected:

2019 05 26 6 59 24

Click on OK.

Back on the Manage Interfaces dialogue, I see just the two interfaces:

2019 05 26 7 01 16

And back on the Wireshark home screen, I just see the two interfaces:

2019 05 26 7 01 54


Remember – this is all reversable, and it is saved in your current Profile.  And that is really handy – meaning that some profiles can show some interfaces, while others show other interfaces.

Very cool.

Remember to keep different profiles for different tasks!!  We have some great profiles available for download.  Simply click here to easily find them.

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