CellStream, Inc. Work Rules

CellStream, Inc. expects all employees, contractors, and others working on company premises to abide by the rules of conduct and general safety at all times while working. Employees who violate any company rule or regulation will be disciplined fairly, consistently and in proportion to the seriousness of the circumstances. This may include disciplinary action up to and including discharge from employment, even for the first offense, if sufficiently serious or to prevent further violations.

General Conduct and Job Performance Rules

The following list includes the major items deemed sufficient cause for disciplinary action:

  1. Unauthorized possession of company property, or of the property of a fellow employee.

  2. Willful destruction of company property or the property of a fellow employee.

  3. Deliberate misuse or unauthorized use of company supplies, materials, machines or tooling.

  4. Altering one’s paycheck in any manner.

  5. Fighting with, threatening or attempting bodily injury to another employee on company premises.

  6. Falsifying company records or reports, including one’s time records or the time records of another employee.

  7. Visiting, loitering, loafing, lounging or sleeping during scheduled working time, or leaving one’s work area during working time without permission of one’s supervisor, except for scheduled breaks.

  8. Receiving or making excessive personal telephone calls.

  9. Allowing an unauthorized person on company premises.

  10. Disobedience or insubordination.

  11. Using excessively abusive, threatening or obscene language.

  12. Exceeding the authorized number or length of break periods.

  13. Unexcused absenteeism or tardiness.

  14. Working unauthorized overtime.

  15. Failing to properly complete required reports.

  16. Failing to meet company work standards in terms of quantity and quality.

  17. Interfering with another employee’s efforts to meet company work standards.

  18. Violation of sanitary or safety rules.

  19. Intoxication during working hours, including bringing intoxicating beverages, marijuana or other hallucinogenic drugs on company property, the consuming of the same on company property, or any other violation of the company’s substance abuse policy.

  20. Tampering with or mishandling any mechanical equipment.

  21. Unauthorized disclosure of confidential information.

General Safety Rules

Safety rules are primarily for employee protection. Injuries impose severe burdens on employees and their families. They often result in loss of pay and can lead to permanent disability or disfigurement.

The observance of the following fundamental safety rules should impose no hardship on anyone. It will make [Company Name] a better and safer place in which to work and with which to do business.

  1. Waste and trash containers must be used to keep work areas clean and orderly.

  2. Aisles, hallways and fire exits must always remain unimpeded and open.

  3. All water, oil, chemicals or grease on the floor must be removed immediately.

  4. All gasoline- or oil-soaked rags and papers must be disposed of in approved safety containers. When no such containers are available, employees should contact their respective supervisors.

  5. All gasoline and other flammable liquids must be stored in approved and properly labeled safety containers at all times.

  6. All stored materials must be stacked properly on a firm and even foundation. Stacks must not be allowed to reach a hazardous height, and when possible, stacks must be cross-tied or braced for mutual support.

  7. All standard safety procedures must be followed. When starting, stopping or changing the speed of machinery, operators must ensure proper clearance of other individuals, debris and materials.

  8. All guards must be in place when machines are in operation.

  9. Hands and feet must not be placed in moving machinery.

  10. Machines appearing to be electronically or mechanically unsafe must not be operated. Under such circumstances, such equipment must be locked or tagged out, and the employee must notify his or her supervisor immediately.

  11. When repairing or adjusting equipment, employees must follow safe operating procedures, such as the proper use of lockouts and safe buttons. Further, the power source to such equipment must be locked or tagged out.

  12. Employees must familiarize themselves with all fire fighting and evacuation procedures. Employees should further familiarize themselves with all exits proximate to their work area. Access to fire fighting equipment must be kept clear.

  13. The use of all fire extinguishers, regardless of type, must be reported to the employee’s supervisor and exchanged for a full extinguisher.

  14. Employees must be aware of the location of safety showers and eye wash stations. Such areas should be free of any obstructions.

  15. No smoking is allowed in any facility, except in specifically posted smoking areas.

  16. Tools, personal safety and other equipment should be maintained in good serviceable condition. Tools must be used in a safe manner and should not be used if they are mushroomed, broken or badly worn. All electrical tools must be grounded, unless they are double insulated. Broken or badly worn tools should be given to the employee’s supervisor for repair or replacement.

  17. Protective equipment and clothing, including safety shoes, safety glasses, goggles and hearing protection, must be worn where required.

  18. Employees are prohibited from wearing clothing or accessories that interfere with their work responsibilities or that could potentially get caught in machinery or other equipment. Employees may be prohibited from wearing items such as rings, bracelets and necklaces that could catch or create electrical contact points in areas where such contact could occur.

  19. When work conditions require, employees are prohibited from wearing long or flowing hair unless confined by a hair net. Beards and mustaches may be prohibited in areas where they may be caught in equipment or prevent protective breathing equipment from operating satisfactorily.

  20. Disorderly conduct, running or horseplay on company premises is prohibited.

  21. All work-related injuries and accidents (including those involving company vehicles) regardless of their severity, must be reported immediately to the employee’s supervisor.

  22. All injured employees are required to report for treatment as requested by a doctor or medical provider. Employees will not be permitted to return to work without written approval of a doctor or medical provider.

  23. All caution signs must be observed.

  24. Employees who observe an unsafe condition are required to report it to their respective supervisors immediately.

  25. Safety equipment should not be tampered with or rendered ineffective.

  26. Access to electrical breaker panels must be kept open at all times. Temporary or permanent storage of materials should be avoided within three feet of any electrical panel. Panel doors should be closed when not in use.

  27. Employees should not operate any machinery or equipment unless properly trained. When an employee requires training to complete a job within the employee’s job responsibilities, the employee should coordinate such training with the employee’s supervisor.

  28. Headphones and other ear pieces used in connection with music players, smartphones or other audio equipment are prohibited for use by employees during working hours or in company vehicles.

  29. Extension or drop cords should not be placed in areas where they will create tripping or other hazards.

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