Monitor Mode in Windows At Last

Say it isn’t true! For the first time in the world (for me) I can put a Wi-Fi interface on a Windows 10 machine into Monitor mode!!!!!  Monitor Mode in Windows At Last!

I know, this is boring to a few of you because you have been capable of this.  You are spoiled.  You are lucky.

But today – all that changed.  First, I updated my self to the latest version of npcap (v1.30).  You can get that right here:

Of course I am running the latest version of Wireshark:

Then, I installed an external Wireless adapter that I know supports Monitor Mode (I previously tested this in Linux).  So now I have two wireless adapters:

2021 04 21 10 37 29

Wi-Fi2 is the one I am interested in.

Now – let’s fire up Wireshark, and then select Capture> Options:

2021 04 21 10 39 56

Look at that!  The Wi-Fi2 interface has the Monitor Mode check box!!!!  Picture me doing a happy dance!

So Let’s select it, and capture:

2021 04 21 10 42 33

Do we have 802.11 traffic????

2021 04 21 10 44 16

Much more happy dancing!

So thankful to the great folks at nmap and npcap, and Wireshark, of course.

Such a long time coming.

Remember you can always get your profiles here:
If you would like a list of USB adapters that support monitor mode and packet injection – look here.
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