Artificial Intelligence Tools that you May Find Useful

The following are some AI tools that you may find very useful in your life and even small business.  For example, Microsoft is in the process of launching a Microsoft 365 AI based assistant called Copilot for the office suite of programs (you can read more about this here:
There are a lot of doubts about AI, for certain, and there is a lot of excitement as well.  The following are in no particular order.  Am I missing any?  Please let me know.
Let’s start this list with a simple AI based search engine.  The one I suggest you try is called Consensus. Consensus is a search engine that uses AI to extract and distill findings directly from scientific research.  You can try it here:  The search engine is currently shown in Beta and is free to use.  Check it out.
Are you starting up a new business and need a web site?  At Mixo, they have created a full service AI powered web site creator with all the things you need to build a web presence without needing to write any HTML code including SEO, certificate and even URL management.  You can read and view more here: where the pricing seems reasonable:

Generating logos and images can be costly and cumbersome.  With Stockimg AI you can explore using AI to help you with this:  Images can be icons, wallpapers, and much more.  Results can be used personally or for your company.  The pricing for this image service is as follows:

Many companies and individuals write articles to inform, educate, or even put forth an argument.  In today’s reduced attention span, to draw readers into these immersive and researched articles, you need a great summary of the content.  Sounds like a great job for AI!  Summari is a great tool that does just that, if analyzes your content and then provides a summary of the content,  You can read more about this tool here:  Pricing is as follows:

One of the cool things you may want to do in generating learning or information is to create videos.  There is an AI tool to do this called Runway.  Their Gen 1 product uses words and images to generate new videos out of existing ones.  Their Gen 2 product can create videos in any style you can imagine with Text to Video generation. If you can imagine it, you can generate it.  The web site can be found here: and they have a free plan you can use to test it out and try the technology.  Here is their pricing plan as of the writing of this article:

Let’s go a little simpler on the video theme.  Let’s say you have written a script, and want to convert that into a video without all the production and editing overhead.  The answer is held at Synthesia, an AI tool that let’s you create videos in as little as 15 minutes.  You can try Synthesia here: and their pricing is as follows:

What about customer insights you might ask?  An AI tool created by Insight7 called “Ask SEV”  may be what you need to integrate into your business to generate these customer insights.  You can learn more and explore here:  Pricing for Ask Sev is as follows:

Sometimes learning or teaching is enhanced with great story telling.  A clever AI tool that can help generate stories and narratives including images can be found at Tome:  The pricing model for Tome is as follows:

There is another video creation AI tool called Kaiber.  Kaiber lets you upload an image and then using some text prompting, you can create these fascinating little video clips.  You can find Kaiber here: and their pricing is as follows:

OK here is an interesting tool especially for educators: it is called Wisdolia, a Chrome Extension, and it allows you to use AI to generate flash cards from any article, PDF, or YouTube video to improve retention.  Wisdolia auto-generates flashcards with questions and answers for any YouTube video, article, or PDF so that you can easily integrate knowledge into your long term memory. It also generates a summary that provides an overview of what the text or video is about.  You can find the tool here: and it appears to be free.  Below, after installing the Wisdolia extension, #1 I went to a web page, #2 I clicked on the Wisdolia icon, and #3 a flashcard popped up asking me a question to exercise my mind:

If you select the list view, you will see multiple flash cards and you can reveal the answers.  You can also use a a tool called Anki to save these flashcards for study later on.  You can find Anki here:
Imagine being able to create your own royalty-free music for background music to your YouTube videos or really anything at all.  Well there is an AI based music creator called Soundraw that can do just that!  You will find Soundraw here: and the pricing is as follows:

While only available for MAC at the time of this writing, there is a really clever idea called Rewind.  Rewind let’s your MAC record audio, video and screen while using different (specified) apps and then makes those recordings searchable and replayable.  Everything is stored on the local machine, but imagine how good this would be for business meetings, reporting problems, learning recall and so much more.  You can find more info on Rewind here: and we can all hope that this is brought on other platforms as well.  Here is the pricing:

OK, what if you are a little more advanced and want to leverage AI tools to help you in your content creation?  A toolset called Brancher may be your answer.  This toolset allows you to connect various AI tools to build your own mini AI aps without code!  There are a number of examples already provided at their web site so you can explore and learn about this.  You can find more details at  The pricing model for brancher is as follows:

What about you as an individual?  How can you improve your presentation skills?  How can you sound and appear more professional.  There is an AI tool for that called Poised.  Poised is the AI-powered communication coach that helps you speak with confidence and clarity. Private and secure, an essential tool for digital-first workplaces.  Poised will help you to improve your presentation and communications skills and is compatible with Slack and a number of other applications like Google Meet and Microsoft Teams.  Check out Poised at

Lastly, I found this web site that simply has a toon of AI tools, almost to much to talk about.  Have a look at Vondy and see if there is anything here you would suggest to others:
I hope this helps you get started with AI or at least experimenting for free.   Comments are welcomed below from registered users.  If you would like to see more articles like this, please support us by clicking the patron link where you will receive free bonus access to courses and more, or simply buying us a cup of coffee!

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