Client Trust – Things to Keep in Mind

CellStream has been in business since 1998.  We have developed some long term relationships with our clients over the years.  The reason this has been the case is that we have always focused on being a “Trusted Advisor and Team Player” with our clients.

We provide our employees and contractors the following outline that is a fast way to understand how we accomplish this “trust”.

Use it as your own coach when engaging our clients.  It is one of our secrets to success.


I. Development of Trust

      a. Engage


      b. Listen


      c. Frame


      d. Envision


    e. Commit

II. Quick-Impact List to Gain Trust

      a. Listen to everything


      b. Empathize (for real)


      c. Note what I am feeling


      d. Build a shared agenda


      e. Take a point of view, for goodness sake!


      f. Take a personal risk


      g. Ask about a related area


      h. Ask great questions


      i. Give away ideas


      j. Return calle unbelievably fast


    k. Relax your mind

III. The Rules of Relationship Building

      a. Go First


      b. Illustrate, don’t tell


      c. Listen for what is different, not what is familiar


      d. Be sure your advice is being sought


      e. Earn the right to offer advice


      f. Keep Asking


      g. Say What You Mean


      h. When you need help, ask for it


      i. Show an interest in the person


      j. Use Compliments, Not Flattery


    k. Show Appreciation

IV. The Trust Equation: T = (C + R + I)/S

      i. T = Trustworthiness


      ii. C = Credibility


      iii. R = Reliability


      iv. I = Intimacy


    v. S = Self-orientation

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