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Welcome to some great networking and computing tips.

Usually these have to do with how to do this or how to change that. The subjects are fairly broad when it comes to networking and we encourage both your feedback and contributions by adding comments and extending any of the tips.  If there is something you need help on or something you would like to see added here, just drop us a line from the “Contact Us” link and we will be glad to try and help.

Be careful, not all tips work on all networking equipment nor operating systems.  Also be sure to add your comments as well as read comments and questions from other readers.

You can click on the column titles to sort on the column information (for instance click on Hits to sort the articles in ascending frequency, click it again to sort in descending frequency).  You can also select tags in the tag cloud to quickly list all articles on that particular subject.

Faster Booting by cleaning out Windows Pre-Fetch Folder

One of Microsoft’s big selling points for Windows XP was that it loads applications much faster than its predecessors. To accomplish this feat, Windows XP uses what is called the “Prefetch technique,” in which the operating system gathers information about each program that you launch and stores that information in the \Windows\Prefetch folder. Then on …

Faster Booting by cleaning out Windows Pre-Fetch Folder Read More »


Apply Master to ALL Notes Pages in MS PowerPoint

Epiphany number 3,812!! After years and years of wondering what on earth is going on at Microsoft that they have done no feature changes of significance to PowerPoint, and frustration whenever I change the Notes Master, that I must go to every slide, one by one, and right click on the notes page, click on …

Apply Master to ALL Notes Pages in MS PowerPoint Read More »

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