GNS3 in Linux – Tech Tip – Docker Error

I recently watched a YouTube video where one of the GNS3 creators was talking about GNS3 and how it runs.  This convinced me to consider moving my GNS3 development work to the Linux world.  I had done this years ago for the hands on training classes but my own development environment has been Windows based.  To be fair, I have had few problems – mostly just GNS3 growing pains, but long ago learned that Linux was much more reliable.  This video made it clear that GNS3 in Linux was superior, and it further meant I was going to be less dependent on a GNS3 VM (which is Linux based) when using Windows and/or a MAC.

So the first thing I wanted to do on my new native Linux/GNS3 development  environment was get Ansible and other Docker based appliances up and running.

I hit a wall!

The appliances appeared to install correctly, but I kept getting an ugly error:

Error while creating node: Docker has returned an error: Cannot connect to host docker:80 ssl:False [No such file or directory]


The problem was, I did not have Docker installed.  So here are the steps:

First – make sure you have curl installed.  If you do not have curl installed then install curl with:

sudo apt-get install curl

Next, install docker with the following command:

curl -fsSL | sh

After installing Docker you need to add your user name in the docker group with the following command (put your user name in place of ‘username’ below): 

$ sudo usermod -aG docker username

Verify if the docker service is started with following command:

$ service docker status

If docker is not started then start with following command:

$ sudo service docker start

Now, close GNS3, and reboot your machine.

You will find all works fine.

I hope you find this article and its content helpful.  Comments are welcomed below.  If you would like to see more articles like this, please support us by clicking the patron link where you will receive free bonus access to courses and more, or simply buying us a cup of coffee!, and all comments are welcome!

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