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CSI-HO-011 – MPLS 201

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1-Day Instructor Led Hands On Lab Class
Available in either Web Based Delivery or On-Site Delivery
Web Based Delivery: Max class size is 16
On Site Delivery: Max class size is 16


What Students are Saying about this class:

  • “Excellent teacher, explains everything thoroughly”
  • “Best thing about the instructor is he clears up questions”
  • “Thanks! I really like the format.”

Course Description:

Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) is a high-performance method for forwarding packets through a network. It enables routers at the edge of a network to apply simple labels to packets. This technique also allows labels to be assigned specifically for private customer networks, insuring separation of customer IP addresses from service provider IP addresses.

Leveraging the labeling paradigm has to be combined with flexible, intelligent high speed routing in order to properly support Layer 3 VPN services. Peering with customers without pollution of global routing tables is a second key concept that is introduced and practiced in this course.

Knowing the fundamentals of the MPLS Layer 3 VPNs (Layer 3 Virtual Private Networks) is vital to anyone who is in the networking field today, whether it be Service Provider level or Enterprise level. This insightful and revealing course has been designed to focus on the systems approach, the engineering thinking behind the world of MPLS L3 VPN Networking.

The course is a combination of knowledge training, systems analysis, with hands-on exercises using Cisco routers and Cisco IOS, revealing the details of MPLS Layer 3 VPNs in a swift, comprehensive, and understandable way.

Course Objectives:

To develop a “hands-on” skill set targeted at MPLS Layer 3 VPN peering and networking in the following key areas:

  • MPLS Label Usage and L3 VPN Network Architecture
  • L3 VPN Signaling and Control of Label Distribution
  • Standard Layer 3 VPNs Solution including MP-BGP
  • Layer 3 VPN Topology options
  • Gaining Internet Access for L3VPN Customers
  • Identify the Cisco IOS command syntax required to successfully configure, monitor, and troubleshoot MPLS L3 VPN operations on frame, and switched WAN interfaces, given a diagram of a typical MPLS L3 VPN network solutions


The target audience for this course is anyone in Engineering, Test, Customer Support, Technical Marketing, or even Sales and Marketing that requires a solid and complete understanding of the fundamental operations of MPLS Layer 3 VPN and desires hands-on skills that can be applied to their job function.

Ideal candidates are:

  • Operations individuals that will provide MPLS L3 VPN configuration and support services
  • Network Design Engineers that need to understand MPLS L3VPN services and applications
  • Network Management individuals that are providing element and network management tools
  • Technical sales individuals that must be able to correlate features with functionality
  • Technical marketing individuals that want more than just a basic understanding of MPLS L3VPN
  • Certification Track individuals that need to expand their knowledge and studies
  • Network Administrators

Student Comments

“Very didactic and explaining on perfect pace.  Thanks so much! It really improved my knowledge on this topic!”


Course Prerequisites:

This course to appeal to anyone needing the skills and knowledge of MPLS L3VPNs. The ideal student will have some experience in networking and operations, with knowledge of basic MPLS such as the MPLS 101 course, IP addressing and routing. All students must attend with a lap-top computer in order to interface to the Router Lab. If the course is held at a classroom where computers are available, the Lap-top computer will not be required.

Course Materials:

Students will be provided with a Course Student Guide and a Lab Guide. Also, a lab system for configuration and labs will be provided.

If this is a Web Delivery:

Students will be provided with access to the CellStream Online School. From there students will take a pre-course knowledge assessment and then invest 3-4 hours in completing the pre-class reading assignment. During this time (approximately 1 week), they have access to the instructor via an online Q&A forum. Then students will download a Course Student Guide and a Lab Guide and attend the 4 hour Web Session synchronously with the instructor. A lab system for configuration and labs will be provided. Students must have a PC with a telnet program of their choosing.

Related Content:

This course is part of the CellStream “101 Series” Courses. This course should be taken prior to any 201, or 401 classes. Related to this course and a great next step is the IPv4 Routing 101 class. After this class, if interested in the next generation IP, you should consider the Hands On IPv6 class.

Course Outline:

  • Section 1: The Groundwork
    • Course Overview and Introductions
  • Section 2: Legacy L2 and L3 VPN Overview
    • Layer 2 “Network” VPNs
    • Layer 3 IP VPNs
    • Opportunities Moving Forward
  • Section 3: MPLS L3 VPN Introduction
    • L3 VPN Services & Types
    • A Quick Recap on BGP
    • LAB 1: Network Verification
  • Section 4: The MPLS L3 VPN Solution
    • The Problem we need to Solve
    • VRF’s, Route Distinguishers & Route Targets
    • Modifying BGP for MPLS L3 VPN
    • Dual Label Stack
    • Modifying VPN Topology
  • Section 5: PE to CE Control Plane
    • Message Formats for BGP
    • Control Plane Operational Models
  • Section 6: MPLS L3 VPN Configuration
    • VRF’s, RD’s, and RT’s
    • LAB 2: VRF Configuration
    • BGP Address Families
    • LAB 3: M-BGP
    • PE to CE Routing
    • LAB 4: PE-CE Routing
    • Troubleshooting MPLS L3 VPNs
  • Section 7: A Review of Key MPLS L3 VPN Concepts
  • Optional Section: Advanced VRF Features

Course Availability:

Contact us for schedule dates and times.

View the course calendar and browse for our schedule.


Course Description, Content, Outline, and Instructional Design are Copyright ©CellStream, Inc.


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