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CSI-HO-027 – Hands On GNS3 – 2 Day

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2-Day Instructor Led Hands On Lab Class
Available in either Web Based delivery or On-Site Delivery
Minimum 10 students – Maximum 20 students

Course Description

This course specifically gives you the tools you need to build your own network in your laptop using GNS3. You will master the actual “default topology” that was pioneered by Matt Raio, former Manager of Support Services and Documentation Strategist for the now defunct “GNS3 Jungle”. Once you have mastered this concept, you can build any 1:1 network and expand your technical knowledge at your own pace. gns3 icon

Course Objectives:

At the end of the course, the student will be able to:

  • Understand the challenges of building a topology in GNS3.
  • Explain the differences of the GNS3 environment; why it’s unique and determine whether to use the local version or a server version of GNS3.
  • Understand the importance of mastering virtualbox’s Local Host Network adapter as well as the common NAT interfaces.
  • Configure the prized Microsoft Loopback adapter to share your HOST network adapter and actually make your topology send and receive packets from the Internet.
  • Successfully build your own default topology as it applies to your role in your company’s IT infrastructure.


The target audience for this course is anyone in Engineering, Test, Customer Support, Technical Marketing, or even Sales and Marketing. It is ideal for students that need to understand the evolution of Pre and Post Proof of Concepts and how to quickly build real configuration files that directly apply to the devices and servers you are trusted to support.

Ideal candidates are:

  • Operations individuals that will provide deep understanding of technical functional requirements in pre-sales or in estimations of initial Agile scrum sprints.
  • Network design engineers that need to understand new technology quickly such as deploying new Cisco IOS (Nexus) or a newer Microsoft Server (2016) as it relates to current infrastructure needs.
  • Network management individuals that are providing technical documentation and direction for project installs and upgrades. Subject Matter Experts in a given OS or software platform.
  • Technical sales individuals that must be able to correlate features with real functionality.
  • Technical marketing individuals that want more than just a basic understanding of the vertical they support and need an understanding of the OSI stack or a partner’s technology for integration purposes.
  • Network administrators that need to prepare for future projects relating to installation, administration and security to reduce implementation time.
  • Business managers and project leads that need to understand the direction of critical technologies to communicate the cost benefits of the new technology.
  • Students or entry level professionals that need to learn the local technologies within the company for professional development.

Course Prerequisites:

This course is designed to appeal to anyone wanting to get their hands dirty with the technology they want to study or support.

This course disrupts modern “boot camps” and enables professionals to improve their own skills in virtual machines, GNS3’s platform, configuration of routers and switches and gives a deeper, real world and personal experience to growing in IT.

Laptop Requirements:

  • At LEAST 8 GB of RAM with an i5 minimum. (16 GB of RAM with an i7 preferred).
  • *Note: Due to potential liability issues, we cannot offer the actual Cisco IOS. The student will have to locate the copy yourself (usually at Cisco.com) and download it.

Course Materials:

Students will be provided with a Course Student Guide via the Online School of Network Sciences. 

  • Virtualbox
  • GNS3 1.4
  • Osboxes.org images (linux) 

Course Outline:

Day 1

Morning Session:

  • Prep-Work: Complete the “The Essentials ‘Checklist'”
  • Download/Configure
    • Virtualbox
      • Download and install from Virtualbox
    • GNS3
      • Google search 1.4 (not anything later).
    • ISO image for your virtualbox machine.
      • Preferrably Windows 7 Ultimate or
      • Ubuntu or
      • CentOS
    • Cisco IOS
      • Search for it in Cisco.com for either:
        • 3725 IOS or
        • 7200 IOS
    • Laptop Requirements:
      • At LEAST 8 GB of RAM with an i5 minimum. (16 GB of RAM with an i7 preferred).

Afternoon Session:

  • The Cloud Adapter
  • How to work with the Windows Loopback adapter.
  • Issues with the new version of Windows loopback adapter.
  • Linux binding the adapter.
  • Setting up your first Cisco Router to function as:
    • DHCP service
    • IP NATing 
  • The virtual machine to use in your “default topology”
  • Windows 7 Ultimate
  • Windows 2008 v2
  • Windows 2012
  • Windows 2016
  • Ubuntu 
  • CentOS

Day 2 Build your own lab!

Morning Session:

  • Expanding your understanding of other routers and switches using virtual machines.
  • Discussion for other routers and switches.
    • Juniper Olives
    • Arista
    • Cumulus
    • OpenVswitch

Afternoon Session:

  • Are you a PEN tester? I will provide instruction on building your PEN test based on Day 1’s lab of your own “default topology”.
  • Are you a Windows/Linux admin? I will provide instructions on Launching your new domain inside your “default topology”!
  • Are you a Cisco professional? Want to experiment with other Routers and Switches? I will provide instructions on how to setup your vm machine if it be Cumulus, Arista, Cisco, Juniper or some other image like Mikrotik, OpenVSwitch, Quagga.

Course Availability:

Contact us for schedule dates and times.

View the course calendar and browse for our schedule.


Course Description, Content, Outline, and Instructional Design are Copyright ©CellStream, Inc.


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